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Bronson Chadwick


For Private Clubs

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Something new for your distinguished members

For years Illusionist Bronson Chadwick has been chosen repeatedly by clients in the private club industry for unique event entertainment. Bronson's style of magic performance is considered jazzy and elegant making him the logical choice for visual entertainer at cocktail hour affairs, banquets, award ceremonies, weddings and other celebrations. Bronson's work has taken him to a variety of private clubs all across the United States including country clubs, yacht clubs, supper clubs and a host of other private and exclusive venues. While the art of magic is whimsical in nature, Bronson's presentations are always spot-on.

Exquisite artistry for exclusive events

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As seen twice on ABC and on CBS, Bronson Chadwick is the premiere entertainer for private clubs, hotels and resorts. Every performance is a masterpiece hand-crafted for a unique experience to transform any banquet hall or meeting room into a magic theater.

Bronson is a second-generation magician and knows the art of magic like the back of his hand. Audiences and clients alike love the dazzling magic of the artist of the impossible, Bronson Chadwick.

Since 2008 Bronson has entertained well over 1,000,000 people across television and at live event venues across the United States and internationally.

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Evening of Illusion

Our largest magic production featuring Las Vegas-size magic illusions set to a bold musical score. Features magic such as Floating in the Air and The Houdini Trunk Escape. Designed for seated audiences of 50 - 300 people.

Starting at $4500


Mentalism Demonstration

Non-visual magic feats of mind reading, hypnotism and the like. Our strongest magic production. Appropriate for audiences of any attendance size.

Starting at $1200


Close-up Magic

Pocket-sized magic effects designed to be presented for audiences at cocktail hour events or at table-to-table banquet format events.

Starting at $1500


The Magic Experience

Our most popular magic performance. Bronson's one-man show featuring a blend of parlor novelty magic appropriate for audiences of virtually any size. Designed to be presented as a small theatrical presentation.

Starting at $1500

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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m not sure if my event attendees like magic. What if they think it’s too childish?


Magic inevitably plays well for children, however just like music or other art forms, it’s all in how it’s presented. Bronson’s magic for private clubs is designed specifically for the coat-and-tie audiences that frequent such venues. Bronson has been performing in boat clubs, country clubs and so-on since 2008 and never once has he or his crew received word from a client or attendee that the presentation was juvenile.


What are your prices?

Pricing varies depending on date, time, and location of the event. Other factors that affect pricing include the number of guests in attendance as well as the performance package chosen. We offer complimentary price quotes. Call today (432) 413-6816. If you are calling from outside the United States you may email us instead.


Can Bronson perform outdoors?

Yes. Magic always works best if presented indoors where the audience is free of weather-related distractions such as wind, heat, and precipitation; but weather permitting, it does work outside.


Does Bronson do performances for children?


Sometimes we receive requests for children’s events at private clubs. We are happy to accommodate. For our “children’s menu” of magic performances please request one by calling (432) 413-6816 or by emailing us.


Does Bronson entertain for audiences outside of private clubs?


Yes. Bronson travels extensively across the US performing for various audience groups including corporate clients, civic groups and small family gatherings. For an overview of Bronson's work outside of private clubs please visit our main website.

Is the magic appropriate for formal events? What about informal events?

The presentation of the magic is adaptable to highly formal events such as weddings as well as less formal events such as golf tournaments award ceremonies. Please give us an idea of what to expect when you contact us.

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Inquire Today

(432) 413-6816

Bronson Chadwick
604-A Watson Street
Midland, TX 79701 USA

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