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Are you ready for an AMAZING experience for your family party?

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by Bronson Chadwick

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Save 20% off of any family party booking in 2023/2024 by texting "MAGIC RSVP" to 432-413-6816

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Bronson will bring the magic to your doorstep for virtually any family or children's party!

Text Us Now for a Free Quote!

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It's so much more than a magic show...

Texas Magic Party packages provide dynamic solutions to on-location children's birthday parties and other parties! We bring the magic and more to your home or party venue!

How does it work?
1. Get a Free Quote!

Give us the date, time and location of your event for an accurate quote. Call/text 432-413-6816
2. Build Your Show!

Choose your add-on options to for an amazing event! See below for more.
3. Secure your Booking

Sign your electronic invoice and user agreement and pay any applicable deposit, pre-payment etc.
4. Enjoy the show!

We usually arrive about 20 minutes early for setup, but we will call you if more or less time is needed.

Not ready to book yet?

Family party magic events fill our calendars as far as six months out! It's never too early to make an inquiry! If you're not ready to book yet then go ahead and fill out the form below for updates and special discounts from our lead magician, Bronson Chadwick. We promise not to blow up your inbox or sell your information!

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40-Minute Show

Special Routine with the Guest of Honor

Magic Kit Giveaway


Build Your Magic Package

The Magic Show

40 minutes of funny magic for kids and families!

Special Routine with the Guest of Honor

We top every magic performance with a special magic trick routine making the birthday child or other guest of honor the star of the show! This is especially important for birthday parties!

Add-On Option One: Magic Kit Giveaway

Ideal for birthday parties, the birthday child will receive their own take-home, easy-to-learn magic tricks and impress their family and friends and become the star of their own show!

Add-On Option Two: Teach-a-Trick

After the show, the magician can teach all the kids and adults a magic trick and award everyone their own crafty magic trick item as a party favor souvenir! Ideal for ages 4+

Common Questions

How much does the Texas Magic Party package cost?

Pricing varies based on the selections of your package but magic events generally start at $250.

I don't live in the Midland/Odessa area of Texas. Can I still bring in Bronson Chadwick?

Yes! We cover a range of 300 miles in any direction and pending date and time availability Bronson may be able to come as far as El Paso, Amarillo, San Angelo, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, etc. We are also networked with other magicians across Texas and in the event that Bronson is not available we can help you locate a magician close by your home or party venue.

What is the age range the magic show is designed for?

We cater each performance to the age range of the kids in attendance. When multiple age groups are present then we do a wide variety of magic to appeal to everyone. In our experience, kids ages 4-11 most enjoy our performances. For ages 12+ we encourage you to book our standard Magic Experience show which is designed for grown-ups.

What is the show "rated?"

Our performances are always G-rated and appropriate for all audiences. There is nothing in our show that is intended to be scary or offensive.

What kinds of magic tricks will we see?

Generally, Bronson does a wide variety of magic tricks with silk handkerchiefs, magical boxes, rings, rope, cards, and other traditional items you might think of when you hear the word "magic."

I have many adults in attendance at the party. Is the show something they may like?

Yes! Bronson always works to cater to everyone in the room, which includes the adults, too!

How do I pay my invoice?

We accept a variety of payments including cash, Cash App, Venmo, etc., however most people prefer to pay with a debit/credit card using our online portal. At the time of booking you will receive an email from our payment processor so you can do this.

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