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Magician and Sleight-of-Hand Artist Bronson Chadwick is an Eagle Scout! Bronson is the perfect guest entertainer for scout camp, troop fundraisers, magic teach-ins and more. Since 2008 Bronson has entertained over 1,000,000 people in live audiences and on television; this includes numerous scout groups!

Our Program Options

Blue and Gold Banquet Magic Program - This magic show program is designed to entertain families at Blue and Gold Banquets as well as to honor the achievements of Cub Scouts. Each show is filled with funny magic tricks for kids and their families and makes for a memorable evening!

Fundraising Magic Show - Raise money for your scout group by selling tickets to an amazing magic show! Choose a space such as a community building and bring in your own audience to see the greatest magic tricks on earth!


With this unique fundraising activity scouts are given a packet of posters and fliers advertising the magic show happening in their own community. Scouts then can sell tickets to the show as needed. A flat fee is charged for the magic show to take place. All money from ticket sales is solely for the scout group to keep. We recommend selling tickets for $20+ per person. Scouting groups can easily make as much as $3000 for very little work over a single evening! The best part is that when tickets are sold the work is over! No follow-up for product delivery is needed as is the case with cookie or popcorn sales.

Magic Teach-ins - For those scout groups wanting to learn magic tricks, Bronson offers a variety of magic teach-ins. These mini magic classes teach fundamental concepts of magic tricks and equip scouts with what they need to show amazing magic tricks to their friends and family and even put on their own magic show! This program is excellent for fulfilling merit badge or similar program  requirements on public speaking, theater skills, acting, cultural exchange as well as magic topics.

Recruitment Rallies - Experience a brand-new way to generate new recruits for your local scouting program! Bring Bronson in to introduce would-be scouts to the scouting world in an entertaining and fascinating way! Bronson will join your scout recruitment team to help present in schools and other community venues to generate interest in scouting by using magic tricks to illustrate the amazing adventures to be had in the scouting world.

Summer Camp Entertainment - Bronson's feature magic program for scouts is his Summer Camp Evening Magic Show! This feature-length magic show makes for an amazing surprise activity for scouts of all ages!

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