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HEY! Did you get a post card from us? It means Bronson is coming to your town for a discount magic day!

We understand that the budgets for many activity departments are a little low, so we notify the activity directors in select areas when we will be in town already which saves money for everyone. It could mean that the magic show package you want will be prices as low as 50% off! If you receive a post card, please don't wait to contact us and reserve a date and time!


The wonders of a Las Vegas Magic performance live at your facility.

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Let Bronson bring the field trip to YOU!

Interactive Comedy Magic for Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care Audiences

Illusionist and sleight-of-hand artist Bronson Chadwick specializes in providing magic performance experiences for healthcare continuum and senior hospitality groups. Bronson is the ONLY known magician to cater first and foremost to Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing groups across the United States. He’s also the premiere performer for senior living and 55+ communities and neighborhoods.


Bronson’s nostalgic magic performance style is relatable to virtually all audiences and residents always find him to be a delight! His feature-length magic performances set up in only a few minutes but play big for all your residents to see.


Each magic performance is more than a “show” but rather an experience. With hands-on interaction, delightful volunteer sequences and engaging question and answer segments, this performance experience is guaranteed to offer an amazing alternative to common activities such as singers and game nights.


With over 1,000,000 people entertained in live audiences and on television, Bronson is the optimum choice not only for magic but for live entertainment in general! Book now to reserve your date and time today!



I’m afraid the magic may be too “kidsy” for my residents. Does it play well for adults?


Yes! While Bronson has been known to entertain children from time to time, his magic is designed specifically with older audiences in mind and he will not do anything that seems juvenile or pandering for your residents. Bronson’s healthcare continuum and retirement programs are designed specifically with these audiences in mind. That being said, some residents like to invite their families to come and experience the magic with them. If children are in attendance then they will also enjoy the magic but the focus is on the residents.

Can my residents see the show in a large room? Will the tricks be big enough?


Yes! Bronson has worked with senior groups of up to 200 people at a time and with other groups of up to 5000 at a time! He’s a master of making sure there are no “cheap seats” in the room and that everyone can see.

Can we do the show outdoors?


After multiple attempts at performing the magic show outdoors, we've decided it's best to avoid outdoor settings. Residents have too many distractions outside including noise and weather, even on a good day. Furthermore, magic is better seen and heard in a room with controlled lighting and sound. We recommend using your dining hall or other activity room for these events.


Do you charge for your services and if so, how much?


Yes. Bronson is a full-time professional magician and makes his living doing magic performances. Pricing varies based on availability, travel costs, the amount of people to be in attendance, etc. Call our office for a complimentary quote based on your specific needs.


We have a small budget. What if the magic costs too much?


From what we have seen in the past, many life enrichment coordinators and activities directors do face the hurdle of a small monthly budget. We do the best we can to accommodate the financial concerns of clients. There are various ways the magic programs can be discounted or otherwise made available at a better rate. For instance, if Bronson is already in town working another performance then you may be able to schedule a considerably more affordable time slot for your magic show performance since travel costs are diminished.


What is the process for booking a magic show performance?


It’s easy! First give us a call with your location, date, and time that you are considering. We will then make a free quote for you based on what you need. Then we submit to you through email a confirmation form for you to review to help us make sure we get the details correct. Once that is signed then we submit a packet to your email containing a W9 (for US clients), a copy of the invoice, a PDF poster which you can print and post around the building, any vendor forms that you need us to fill out for payment and security purposes. While this situation is unlikely, some events require a 50% deposit if the presentation is extensively far out of town for Bronson to travel to offset the costs of airfare and lodging.


On the day of the performance we generally arrive on campus between 15 and 60 minutes prior to the start of the magic performance. Setup time is usually very brief and it’s common for Bronson to be long set up and ready before all residents are in the room and situated. Bronson’s act is also largely self-contained and he will most likely not need additional tables or sound equipment.

Our Magic Show Programs

#1 - Independent & Assisted Living Parlor Magic Show

This magic performance experience is designed for senior audiences who have considerable freedom to move about campus and have strong mental faculties. These are generally retiree audiences who live in 55+ communities or inside larger independent living buildings but do not require constant supervision.


The magic in this experience showcases highly engaging and thought-provoking magic done with cards, coins, silk handkerchiefs, tricky boxes, and other magical objects in addition to magic with everyday objects.

Audience Size: 10 - 100 people

Runtime: 40 minute show plus optional  20-minute meet-and-greet

#2 - The Magic Experience

This deluxe magic performance plays for virtually all audiences including independent living, retirement audiences, assisted living, memory care and nursing groups.


This performance showcases larger-scale magic done in the style of a cruise ship magic show complete with witty comedy and set to a bold musical score. The props are larger and therefore the performance plays for bigger audiences or those who just wish to see a large production altogether!

Audience Size: 10 - 100 people

Runtime: 40 minute show plus optional  20-minute meet-and-greet

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#3 - Evening of Illusion

Bronson’s Las Vegas-sized magic production is ideal for bigger audiences who want maximum entertainment! This ultimate magic program showcases large-scale magic such as levitation, escape mysteries and other mega-sized magic! With this program we transform your recreation room or dining hall into a theatrical magic experience!

Audience Size: 50 - 1000 people

Runtime: 60 minute

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#4 - Magic for Skilled Nursing and Memory Care

Some audiences with short attention spans have trouble concentrating on magic presentations which require memorizing cards, answering questions and so-on. This performance is much more visual there is a much shorter amount of time between the setup and climax of each magic trick in the presentation. This program showcases vibrantly colored props, expedient humor and highly visual magic for optimum entertainment value.

Audience Size: 3010 -  people

Runtime: 40 minutes

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