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Does Bronson Chadwick entertain kids or adults?

Both. We offer a wide variety of magic programs for different age ranges, venues, and events. When you're ready to book, please be sure to tell us what the age range of the audience will be. Bronson plans the program based on who is likely to be in attendance. If there will be many children, Bronson will bring material for them as well as for the adults.


How do I book magician Bronson Chadwick for a magic show for a private event?

Start by contacting our office. We will ask a few important questions such as location, date, time, occasion, etc. We will give you a free quote and usually a few options to pick from. After that, a PDF Booking Packet will be sent to your email to sign and you're booked! Please note that some events require a deposit amount or prepayment in order to complete the booking.


Do you travel?

Yes. There is no place in the United States where we cannot travel to for your event. For international bookings, please contact us for specific details.

Is the content of the show appropriate for young audiences?

Our shows do not have any coarse language or suggestive material and appropriate for such events as church functions and family events. Some of our theatrical shows may have mildly thrilling elements.

How much space do you need to do a show? Do you need a stage?

It depends on the show. Most of Bronson's performances are designed to fit in a space no smaller than ten feet wide and six feet deep. Our larger programs may require more space. An elevated stage is not necessary but helpful in most situations. For events with a dance floor, we may set up on the dance floor so that the audience is not too far away. It's important that the first row of the audience not be more than ten feet away from the show. We also encourage you not to have seating behind the "stage" area. While this does not affect the performance, some audience members from behind will have a hard time seeing the show.


How far in advance should I book?

The earlier the better. While we can sometimes accommodate last-minute bookings, we have to turn down quite a few dates due to our performance travel schedule. It's never too early to book.

How much does a magic show program cost?

Magic show program pricing varies greatly depending on what you need including the specific show selection, your location, date, time, attendance, and other factors. Most programs have a "flat fee" cost inclusive of travel. Contact us for a free quote.

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