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If you're a magician located anywhere in the west Texas region or you're planning on visiting in the area then we invite you to come to our monthly magic hangout! It's free to visit and you can learn magic tricks and meet magicians from west Texas. Our magic club is an affiliate "ring" of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. We are Ring 255 - The Black Gold Ring. We are also a subdivision of the Society of American Magicians, assembly 307 The Black Gold Magic Club!

If you're interested in joining then please call or text Bronson Chadwick at 432-413-6816. It is urgent that you call or text before coming in case our usual meeting time or location have changed.

NORMAL LOCATION: Sibley Nature Center in Midland

NORMAL DATE: Third Sunday of each month

NORMAL TIME: 6:30 pm

WHAT TO BRING: A deck of cards or whatever magic you've been working on lately!


  • All ages are welcome.

  • Visitors under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult

  • You don't need to know any magic to come and hang out! If we teach a trick though, please keep it secret.

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