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Discover a sense of wonder in the world of books.


Designed for civic libraries and K-6 schools, Magic in the Library is an immersive educational entertainment production of magic performance art designed to illustrate key concepts of literacy and readership.


When the language arts meet the magic arts, you get Bronson Chadwick.

What's included Magic in the Library program?


Magic in the Library is composed of five major aspects, including the "show" itself. Listen to the audio clip below for more information from Bronson

  1. Performance

  2. Teach-a-Trick

  3. Book Giveaway

  4. Bookmark Giveaway

  5. Post-program survey

What's Included in Magic in the LibraryBronson Chadwick
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What do you teach during the show?

Bronson illustrates a wide range of points using magic tricks. Some of them include the following:

- Reading comprehension skills
- Fiction Vs. Non-Fiction
- The value of old-fashioned paper books
- Why and how to get a library card
- Literary mediums
- Literary genres
- How to break down large texts on end-of-year exams (EOG, EOC, STAAR, etc)
- Helping students to discover texts that interest them
- How and why to write a short story, letter, or poem
- The value of good grammar and spelling skills
- and much more!

For civic library summer reading programs, Bronson uses the curriculum of the Texas Library Association to match the theme of the show program to the the theme of the reading program. Listen to the audio clip for more information.

What do you teachBronson Chadwick
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How much does the program cost?

Normally a single, one-off production of Magic in the Library costs in the neighborhood of $350 - $1200, before eligible grant and discount credits. Pricing is impacted based on location, amount of kids, etc.  Bronson's program is considerably larger in size than that of many other presenters so our fee is a little higher than  that of some others. In light of our higher fees, we are networked with a number of sponsors who help make this program possible for schools and libraries with smaller budgets. To apply for a grant, please download the grant application below. Select schools and libraries will be able to attain a discounted rate of up to 50% - 75% off the subtotal. Please do not assume that you won't be able to afford the program! We make it easy for school principals, librarians and other educators to host Magic in the Library in their area. Listen to the audio clip to learn more.

Cost of Magic in the LibraryBronson Chadwick
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Two Ways to Experience the Magic

One-Off Bookings: Let us Bring the Field Trip to You

Throughout the year our program takes place in a number of schools, libraries, and other locations where we are booked for one-off performance programs for specific groups. This works best for some groups who are looking for a focused experience exclusive to their group. Some common situations for on-location or one-off events include library summer reading programs in a city library or for a start-of-term school kickoff event.

On-Location Programs: Join us for the Master Experience

Alternatively, we also showcase Magic in the Library in theaters and event centers on tour. This version of the program is much more affordable for schools and similar groups who are willing to do a field trip during the school day and come to us. Having multiple school groups come to a single showtime allows us to do a bigger and more extravagant production for only a fraction of the price without having to set up the program in a school gym where production quality may be less conducive to an ideal experience.

Knowledge is Power

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about Bronson

Since 2008 Bronson Chadwick has entertained over 1,000,000 people across live audiences and on area television. Bronson is a second-generation magician hailing from Fort Worth, Texas. He's worked professionally as a magician on a long-term basis in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, the greater Philadelphia area, and the foothills of the Carolinas just outside Charlotte.


Bronson and his wife now reside in sunny Midland, Texas where he has  served as a President of the Texas Association of Magicians and now works as the current Regional Vice President of the Society of American Magicians. When not on the road performing magic, Bronson enjoys comedy, science fiction, and helping his wife with her ceramic artistry business.

You can learn more about Bronson through the main page of our website at

Catch us on tour or book us for a one-off event!

Text "READ" to
(432) 413-6816
or call us at the same number

Email us office@magicinthelibrary

common questions

How much space does Bronson need to perform the show?

The preferred amount of space is no less than ten feet wide and five feet deep. A stage is always preferable in school gymnasiums or theater rooms, but the show is highly adaptable to a wide range of sizes and room layouts.

Is the presentation for civic libraries the same as done in schools?

The program is a little different in libraries than for schools. The school version of the program focuses on study skills and reading comprehension to encourage better grades

How far do you travel?

Anywhere and everywhere! Many of our sponsored programs are in the Permian Basin region of Texas and in eastern New Mexico but there is no limit to our availability in the US, though travel fees do apply.

Do you also work for private schools and charter schools?

Yes! The same topics covered in our program for public schools is just as relatable to private school students.

What age range is this program designed for?

This program is designed for kids in grades K-6. The presentation style may change some depending on the age range of the kids in the room. For school groups we encourage a two-showing format, one for grades K-3, another for 4-6. There is also a version of this program for school groups grades 7-12 but the theme and presentation style is drastically different. Call for details.

Do you do any magic work outside of the reading program?

Yes! Please visit our main webpage for more.

What is the tour schedule for Magic in the Library? When will you be coming to our city?
To obtain the latest tour schedule, please email us at and request a copy. Please note in the email where you are located. If your city/town is not on our tour schedule then we may modify it to come to your area!

The History of Magic in the Library

Listen to discover the history of the magic show program that eventually became Magic in the Library

History of Magic in the LibraryBronson Chadwick
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